Salakayan Festival 2023: Revisit the Brave History of Miag-ao

Salakayan Festival 2023: Revisit the Brave History of Miag-ao

Salakayan Festival is an annual cultural celebration held in Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines. The festival is a tribute to the town’s ancestors who defended their land from the attacks of Muslim pirates during the Spanish colonial period. The festival highlights the bravery and heroism of the locals through a dance-drama presentation that depicts the historical events. The celebration ends with a victorious note, marking the triumphant battle that took place on May 7, 1754.

Along with the dance competition, the festival also includes a special procession of Higantes, towering figures that depict local historical figures and archetypes. The history of Salakayan Festival started as modest street gatherings and has now evolved into a week-long celebration marked by a series of special events. The festival is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Miagao and serves as a reminder of the bravery and strength of its people during trying times.

The preparation for the 2023 Salakayan Festival, slated from February 6-12, 2023, is underway with the Salakayan Festival Committee and the Punong Barangays meeting to finalize the details. The barangays were informed of the schedule of activities and their respective roles in supporting the tribes during the festival. The members also discussed the rules of the Salakayan Dance Competition to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the week-long celebration.

For a comprehensive list of planned events, please refer to the following post:

The Salakayan Festival is a much-anticipated event in the town, attracting thousands of visitors each year. With the combined efforts of the Salakayan Festival Committee, the Punong Barangays, and the local community, the 2023 Salakayan Festival promises to be an unforgettable experience showcasing the rich cultural heritage and history of Miagao.

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