“My Heart Beats in Iloilo”: Echoing the Rhythms of a City Alive

“My Heart Beats in Iloilo”: Echoing the Rhythms of a City Alive

Iloilo City, often revered as the ‘City of Love’, is a seamless amalgamation of history, culture, and genuine warmth. The introduction of its new tourism slogan, “My Heart Beats in Iloilo”, seeks to encapsulate the myriad emotions and connections that many have woven with this endearing city.

A Melodic Tribute: "My Heart Beats in Iloilo" Music Video

A highlight of this campaign is the accompanying music video for “My Heart Beats in Iloilo”. Featuring prominent Ilonggo artists and performers, this video is not just a visual treat, but an auditory journey that captures the soulful essence of Iloilo. From the melodious strains of music to the vibrant visuals, every frame is a testament to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

A Dual Approach: Embracing "In" and "For"

In a bid to reflect the diversity of experiences and the depth of emotions associated with Iloilo City, the local government has shown adaptability by considering the use of both “in” and “for” in their promotional materials. This decision was fueled by valuable feedback from citizens, showing once more the city’s commitment to its community.

Mayor Jerry Treñas highlighted the significance of the tagline, stating, “We are very happy with the attention our new slogan is getting. It means everyone feels their hearts beating in/for Iloilo City.”

Drawing Inspiration

The poignant phrase is reminiscent of the iconic line, “I left my Heart in San Francisco.” It serves as a testament to the universality of such sentiments, and the potential of the slogan to resonate with a wide audience. The term “in” evokes images of being physically present, absorbing the city’s vibrant atmosphere, while “for” speaks to a deeper affinity, perhaps from those who carry the essence of Iloilo City with them, wherever they might be.

Emphasizing the versatility of the phrase, Mayor Treñas clarified that both “in” and “for” are grammatically apt, ensuring that the slogan is not only emotionally resonant but also linguistically sound.

A Taste of What’s to Come

While the initial release through tarpaulins might have seemed like the official launch, it was revealed to be just a teaser. The city gears up for a grand launch scheduled for August, coinciding with the Mayor’s State of the City Address.

Iloilo City: Where Hearts Find Their Beat

loilo City has always been more than just a destination:

As Iloilo City readies itself to share “My Heart Beats in Iloilo” with the world, the slogan is not merely a promotional phrase but a heartfelt declaration. It’s an open invitation for everyone to experience, love, and celebrate the vibrant rhythms of a city that has touched countless hearts. Whether you’re here or afar, one thing is clear: the heart of Iloilo City beats in tandem with yours.

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