Manggahan Festival 2023: A Month-Long Celebration of Guimaras’ Sweetest Mangoes

Manggahan Festival 2023: A Month-Long Celebration of Guimaras’ Sweetest Mangoes

The Manggahan Festival is an annual celebration in Guimaras, Philippines, honoring the island’s rich culture and their feast of thanksgiving for having a prosperous land where the sweetest mangoes are grown. Originally a week-long celebration, it has now become a month-long event to promote the burgeoning mango industry of the island and attract tourists.

This year, the face-to-face Manggahan Festival returns with a full-packed schedule of events every weekend from April 29 to May 22. The highlight of the festival is slated on May 19-22, which features various activities showcasing the island’s unique culture and traditions.

To assist you in organizing your itinerary, kindly refer to our post featuring the schedule of activities for the 2023 Guimaras Manggahan Festival.

The festival kicks off with “Imbukada” on April 29, which includes a mass and an opening program. The Agri-Fishery and Eco-Tourism Expo and an art exhibit will also open on the same day. An open dance sport competition and live band will culminate the opening day of the festival.

One of the most popular sections of the festival is the Mango-All-You-Can challenge, where tourists pay a specific amount of money and eat as many mangoes as they can within thirty minutes. This year’s Mango-All-You-Can event is set to take place from May 19-22.

The festival also includes a Mango Harvest Festival where visitors can experience mango picking and pay for what they have harvested. Other activities that will add color to this year’s celebration include a battle of the bands, a cook-off challenge, a bike fest, a street dance battle, a job fair, a color fun run with celebrity guests, a folk dance competition, and a dog show.

The festival also caters to sports enthusiasts with water sports and jet ski showcases, jujitsu, basketball, and a volleyball tournament. Nightly entertainment will feature different OPM rock bands, and the celebration will culminate with a fireworks display at the Capitol grounds, followed by performances of two big OPM rock bands on the last night of the festival.

Manggahan Festivals highlight mangoes as one of the best product they could offer. The people in Guimaras are gladly offering their gratitude through a form of cultural activity that focuses on mangoes.

The festival ends on May 22, in conjunction with the 31st anniversary of Guimaras becoming a province. A thanksgiving mass will be offered before the provincehood anniversary program. Five competing hubons from the municipalities and a non-competing group from Guimaras State University will showcase the rich culture and history of Guimaras in the Manggahan Cultural Competition.

The Manggahan Festival 2023 is a must-see event for anyone interested in experiencing the vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and beautiful landscapes of Guimaras. So mark your calendars, and get ready for a month-long celebration of all things mango!

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