Iloilo City’s Path to Progress: Mayor Treñas Unveils ‘The Way Forward’

Iloilo City’s Path to Progress: Mayor Treñas Unveils ‘The Way Forward’

A vision of prosperity and development continues to guide the helm of Iloilo City, led by Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, who has unveiled a strategic transitional roadmap to shape the city’s future trajectory.

In his recent State of the City Address (SOCA), Mayor Treñas revealed the blueprint titled “Iloilo City… The Way Forward,” a comprehensive roadmap aimed at propelling Iloilo City to become one of the Top 3 Most Competitive Highly-Urbanized Cities in the Philippines by 2028.

Building upon the achievements made over the past four years through the “WHEELS” framework (Welfare, Health and Sanitation, Education, Environmental Management, Livelihood, and Sustainability) for Inclusive Development, Mayor Treñas emphasized the continued progress while looking towards an even brighter horizon.

“I have witnessed dreams becoming reality in Iloilo City, but with each accomplishment comes new aspirations. Our commitment to harnessing the city’s potential and the capabilities of its people remains steadfast. This vision is a testament to our collective ambition to transform into one of the most competitive and livable cities in the nation,” affirmed Mayor Treñas.

Central to this endeavor are four key pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Resilient Infrastructure, Innovative Economic Development, and Responsive and Inclusive Human Development.

Under the banner of Environmental Sustainability, Mayor Treñas highlighted green initiatives such as the Beach Forest, Lanit Tree Park, mangrove eco-park, and plaza redevelopment. Through these endeavors, the city aims to promote green spaces, advocate for clean energy, and reduce waste, fostering a healthier and more vibrant environment.

In the realm of Resilient Infrastructure, the mayor stressed the city’s commitment to not only rebuilding but fortifying structures to withstand time and nature. Plans include improving sidewalks’ walkability, introducing a Bike Sharing System through a mobile application, integrating electric vehicles for sustainable transportation, and implementing a comprehensive urban drainage system to mitigate flooding.

In pursuit of Innovative Economic Development, Iloilo City has embraced innovation as a catalyst for growth. Local businesses are nurtured, investments are attracted, and an entrepreneurial culture is fostered to create an environment conducive to success. Ongoing market developments, digital systems, international investment promotions, and real estate projects are driving the city’s economic advancement.

The pillar of Responsive and Inclusive Human Development focuses on elevating the lives of every resident. Notable projects include housing initiatives for the urban poor, accessible education, quality healthcare, and inclusive social services that empower citizens to contribute to the city’s progress.

Mayor Treñas’s commitment extends to grassroots empowerment through enhanced engagement and collaboration with barangays, ensuring their voices are heard, needs met, and aspirations acknowledged.

The fourth pillar, Re-Engineering Organizational Structure and Human Resource System, emphasizes the significance of a resilient administration. Mayor Treñas believes that a well-equipped, motivated, and aligned workforce is the cornerstone of excellence and sustainable progress.

Iloilo City has not gone unnoticed on the national stage, garnering awards and recognitions that underscore the administration’s dedication and success. Mayor Treñas proudly listed a range of achievements, including being a CITYNET Executive Committee Member, Galing Pook Winner, and recipient of several city-level awards for efficiency, resiliency, and good governance.

During the SOCA, Mayor Treñas introduced the city’s new tourism campaign tagline, “My heart beats in Iloilo City.” This initiative seeks to showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant lifestyle, and growth opportunities, engaging both locals and visitors alike.

Mayor Treñas summed up his address with a rallying call, “With determination, we will shatter limits and shape a future that echoes through time. Together, we embark on a journey brimming with new ideas, striving to achieve our 2028 goals.” The city of Iloilo sets its sights on an inspiring future, guided by a roadmap that promises innovation, sustainability, and prosperity for all its residents.

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