Celebrating Heritage and Culture at Banate’s Kasag Festival

Celebrating Heritage and Culture at Banate’s Kasag Festival

The Banate Iloilo Kasag Festival is a vibrant and colorful celebration held annually in the town of Banate in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. The festival is held in honor of the town’s patron saint, St. Joseph, and showcases the rich culture and traditions of the Banateño people.

The word “kasag” means “shell” in the local dialect, and the festival is named after the kasag shell, which is an important symbol in the town’s history. In the past, the kasag shell was used as a currency by the Banateño people, and it remains a symbol of their heritage and identity today.

The festival typically takes place over the course of several days, and features a variety of events and activities. These include street parades, cultural performances, and religious processions, as well as traditional games and contests. One of the highlights of the festival is the Kasag Beauty Pageant, where young women from the town compete to be crowned the “Kasag Queen.”

Will you be visiting Banate to see which tribe will emerge victorious in this year’s competition? Don’t miss the Dance Drama Competition on December 21, 2022, where six tribes will be showcasing their talents in three judging areas!

  • Tribu CaMeLi (Carmelo , Merced, Libertad)
  • Tribu Magbarbo (Magdalo, Bariga, Bobon)
  • Tribu Bugana (Dela Paz, Juanico, Managopaya)
  • Tribu Kurusan (San Salvador, Talokgangan, Bularan)
  • Tribu Langwayan (Fuentes, Dugwakan, Belen)
  • Tribu Tipsay (Alacaygan, Poblacion, Zona Sur)
Opening sang Kasag Festival sa Banwa sng Banate pinaagi sa paghiwat sang KASAG BOODLE FIGHT! - Photo taken from Banate LGU FB Page.

The Banate Iloilo Kasag Festival is a celebration of the town’s history, culture, and traditions. It is a time for the Banateño people to come together and honor their patron saint, St. Joseph, while also showcasing their unique heritage to the wider world.

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