Bantayan Festival 2023: A Colorful Celebration of Tradition in Guimbal, Iloilo

Bantayan Festival 2023: A Colorful Celebration of Tradition in Guimbal, Iloilo

The above photo is the official logo of the 21st Bantayan Festival, sourced from the Facebook page of the Local Government Unit of Guimbal, Iloilo.

For this year’s festival schedule of activities, please read this post.

Get ready for a week-long celebration of culture and tradition in Guimbal, Iloilo as the town gears up for the annual Bantayan Festival. From April 11-15, 2023, locals and visitors alike will be treated to a colorful display of music, dance, and art that showcases the rich history and heritage of the town.

Named after the iconic watchtower that stands near the town’s church, the Bantayan Festival pays tribute to the town’s patron saint, St. Blaise. The festival is an opportunity for the people of Guimbal to come together and celebrate their community while also welcoming guests from all over the Philippines and around the world.

The festival kicks off with the opening ceremony on April 11, which features a parade of performers dressed in traditional costumes. This is followed by a series of events and activities that take place throughout the week, including street dancing competitions, beauty pageants, a food festival, and a trade fair.

One of the highlights of the festival is the street dancing competition, which takes place on April 14. Participants wear colorful costumes and dance to the beat of traditional music, showcasing their skill and creativity. The competition is always a crowd favorite, and visitors are encouraged to come and cheer on the performers.

Check out this performance of Tribu Tumandok from the 2019 Bantayan Festival to get a glimpse of what to expect at the upcoming Bantayan Festival 2023.

Another must-see event is the beauty pageant, which takes place on April 15. The pageant showcases the beauty, intelligence, and talent of the town’s young women, and the winner is crowned as the festival queen.

Visitors can also sample the delicious food that Guimbal is known for at the food festival, which features a wide range of local delicacies and specialties. Meanwhile, the trade fair offers an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services.

Apart from the festivities, visitors can also explore Guimbal’s many historical and cultural attractions. These include the town’s Spanish-era church, which features beautiful architecture and intricate carvings, as well as the iconic Bantayan Watchtower, which served as a lookout for pirates during the Spanish colonial period.

The Bantayan Festival is a celebration of community, culture, and tradition that is not to be missed. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning guest, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So mark your calendars and come and join us in Guimbal for a week of fun, food, and festivities!

Are you excited for this year’s competition performances? Get a sneak peek of what to expect.

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