Visayas Aerospace College & Technology Laboratory

VISAYAS AEROSPACE COLLEGE AND TECHNOLOGY is one of the Aviation schools in Iloilo and duly registered by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) with Aviation Training Organization Certificate (ATOC) No. 2008-02 and by the Bureau of Immigration with Authority to Accept Foreign Students (AAFS) No. MCL-2008-048.

This educational institution was founded on November 03, 2000, by ENGR. ORSON M. BAHINTING– a Licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) & Aviation Maintenance Specialist (AMS).

It is a non-profit and non-sectarian institution. We are the oldest Aviation school in Western Visayas which is based in Iloilo International Airport, Cabatuan town, Iloilo province.

VISAYAS AEROSPACE COLLEGE AND TECHNOLOGY is the only Aviation School that offers hands-on to the students to give them better instruction and understanding in the field of their course. We have many successful graduates which are now working in the different AIRLINES, MILITARY & GENERAL AVIATION industries both LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL companies. We have many aircraft, flying & ground instructional aircraft which is why our students are more familiar with the field of the course they are taking up.

ENROLL NOW at the Visayas Aerospace College and Technology as more companies await your future employment. Be one of the graduates.

New Iloilo Airport, Cabatuan Iloilo, Philippines 5031