Philippine Public School Teacher’S Association (PPSTA)

The Philippine Public School Teachers Association(PPSTA) is the biggest and foremost professional association of public school teachers in the country with a stronghold of more than 200,000 teacher-members all over the archipelago. The members include administrators, supervisors, classroom teachers, non-teaching support personnel, all under the employ of the Department of Education.

The PPSTA through the years has grown to be the major unifying force for government teachers striving to reach the ideals of education and their profession. PPSTA also serves as a financial security provider through its retirement, life insurance and loan programs. From its humble beginnings in the 1930s led by the dynamic and youthful founder Ricardo Castro, it has blossomed to be an unwavering ally for the Filipino educator. Be it through its finance-related service arms like the Mutual Aid System and the Mutual Retirement Benefit System, professional scholarship programs or as a steadfast supporter of advocacies for the cause of education in the Philippines, PPSTA continues to loyally fulfill its prime role of being the mother organization of public school teachers in the Philippines.

141 Iznart St, Iloilo City Proper, Philippines 5000