Municipality of Miag-ao – Office of the Municipality Treasurer Copy

Miagao is a town located in the First District of Iloilo Province, Philippines. It is situated between 10° 36’44” N latitude and 122°06’39” N and 122°17’30” E longitude, and is 40 kilometers Southwest of Iloilo City and 58 kilometers from San Jose, the capital town of Antique. Miagao is bordered by the towns of Igbaras, Guimbal, San Joaquin and Sibalom, Antique. It has a land area of 15,680 hectares, with 22 barangays in the urban area and 97 barangays in the rural area. The town also has a coastline of 16 kilometers and several rivers flowing into the Panay Gulf. The terrain is partly coastal and partly mountainous, with a variety of topographical features. Miagao has a dry season from November to April and a wet season for the rest of the year, with two prevailing winds. The soil consists of five major types and the town is rich in natural resources, including forests, metallic and non-metallic reserves, ceramic clay, and scenic attractions.

Zulueta Ave, Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines 5023