Miag-ao Public Market

The Miag-ao Public Market is a local market located in the town of Miag-ao in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. The market serves as the main source of goods and services for the local community, and is known for its wide variety of products, including fresh produce, seafood, meat, dry goods, and household items. The market is also a popular destination for tourists and visitors, who come to experience the local culture and buy souvenirs.

The market is composed of different sections, each dedicated to different types of products. The fresh produce section is where you can find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, all grown locally. The seafood section offers a variety of fresh fish, squid, and shellfish, caught by local fishermen. The meat section has a wide variety of meats such as beef, pork, and poultry. The dry goods section offers a variety of products such as rice, flour, and other food staples. The household items section offers everyday items such as kitchenware, linens, and personal care items.

The market is also known for its vibrant atmosphere, with vendors and customers engaging in lively banter and bargaining. The market is open daily and is a great place to visit if you want to experience the local culture, meet friendly locals and to find the best deals on a wide variety of products.

The market is also a good place to find local delicacies like the famous Miag-ao native delicacies such as the “binakol” and “tupig”, both made of glutinous rice. It is also a great place to find souvenirs such as local handicrafts, woven products, and other items that reflect the local culture.

Octaviano St, Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines 5023