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Welcome to Grace Gowns, a realm where elegance knows no bounds and every love story is woven into the fabric of our exquisite wedding attire. With an unwavering commitment to making dreams come true, we proudly present our extensive collection of rentable wedding gowns, enchanting wedding entourage ensembles, and bridesmaids’ dresses that embody the essence of grace and beauty.

Our Vision:

At Grace Gowns, we envision a world where the journey towards marital bliss is paved with unmatched elegance and sophistication. Our vision is to be the guiding light for brides and grooms seeking attire that resonates with their unique love stories, offering a curated selection that transforms wedding fantasies into breathtaking realities.

A Glimpse of Elegance:

Within our collection, Grace Gowns showcases an awe-inspiring range of wedding gowns that cater to diverse tastes and bridal visions. From timeless classics that exude refined charm to contemporary masterpieces that redefine modern romance, our gowns are designed to encapsulate the essence of each bride’s individuality. Our wedding entourage assortment complements the bridal gown, ensuring a harmonious and captivating visual symphony.

Bridesmaids’ Radiance:

For bridesmaids who stand by the bride’s side, Grace Gowns presents a spectrum of dresses that blend style, comfort, and elegance seamlessly. Our bridesmaids’ dresses are available in an array of hues, silhouettes, and sizes, embracing inclusivity and making sure that every bridesmaid feels as cherished as the bride herself. With designs that celebrate unity and friendship, we ensure that your entourage embodies pure radiance.

A New Era of Rental Excellence:

Grace Gowns proudly ushers in a new era of wedding attire through our innovative rental model. By embracing sustainability and conscious consumerism, we offer a fresh approach to wedding attire that is environmentally responsible without compromising on glamour. This approach resonates with couples who seek quality and elegance while minimizing their ecological impact.

Guided by Personal Touch:

Understanding that your wedding day is a masterpiece in the making, our dedicated team at Grace Gowns is here to provide personalized guidance at every step. Our consultations, styling advice, and fitting sessions are crafted to transform your journey into an unforgettable experience, where dreams are refined and visions come to life in every delicate detail.

Crafting Memorable Love Stories:

Beyond mere garments, Grace Gowns is a curator of enchanting tales of love and commitment. We are humbled to be part of your most cherished memories, and our mission is to empower couples with the attire that enhances their love story’s beauty. Each gown we offer, each ensemble we present, contributes to the symphony of emotions that define your wedding day.

In essence, Grace Gowns is your gateway to a world where elegance, sustainability, and personalization converge to elevate your wedding experience. Embark on this journey with us as we unveil the magic of Grace Gowns and help you embark on your path to a wedding day that encapsulates your unique love story. Discover the allure of our collection and step into a realm of grace and elegance with Grace Gowns.

#1 Nena Koa Bldg, Compania St, Molo, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines 5000

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14:24 21 Apr 23
Gown rental ranges from 1500 - 2500. Lots of options
Jasmin Ariane
Jasmin Ariane
09:11 06 Oct 22
I was so happy for the results of my gown. I really appreciated. My gown showing they put efforts and time. Thank you Maam Grace & Everyone! To more clients to come. God bless y’all ❤️❤️🫶🫶
Joanne Maraña
Joanne Maraña
01:14 20 Sep 22
More than 1km and 1 ride away from Iloilo Doctors' Hospital. You won't get lost even if you haven't been to their shop yet. You will see immediately.Lots of gowns and suits to choose from if you rent from them. I don't know the cost but your styles are beautiful. Can also alter the sizes and a little bit of touches according to your preference.
Lot Casquejo
Lot Casquejo
14:08 11 Sep 22
Ms Grace is so nice amd helps us to decide what gown and suit is best for us. They rent gowns for three days with free accessories.
07:57 13 Mar 22
11:44 27 Jul 21
How grateful I am to experience a good service from this shop. So elegant gowns with wonderful, good accommodation and trustful hands from the personnels. I'm so very much lucky and happy from the stress free experience. ☺️
Lhauie Amoga channel
Lhauie Amoga channel
14:17 09 Oct 20
Grace gown collection has the perfect service and I can guarantee that they have the best quality of any kind of gowns in any occasion and they will entertain you well and offer the best price... You will never regret it was proven.. I am an organizer of a big pageant here in singapore and only grace gown collection give me the best gowns to my candidates and it was really perfect ...
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