Altamedica Incorporated

Derived from the Latin words “alta,” meaning ‘high,’ and “medica,” signifying ‘healer,’ our company name, AltaMedica, encapsulates our profound mission. We are dedicated to offering healing products of the utmost quality and effectiveness. Our vision is to stand at the forefront, delivering a diverse array of medical, hospital, and pharmaceutical solutions that uphold the benchmarks of quality, affordability, and innovation. Established in 2007, our board members and officers collectively boast over two decades of experience and contribution to the medical industry’s growth.

Founded by a group of medical professionals and young visionaries, AltaMedica is a realization of shared aspirations driven by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to a promising future. Our presence spans three pivotal domains within the medical landscape: medical supplies and equipment, laboratory machinery and reagents, and pharmaceuticals. Day by day, we dedicate ourselves to development, production, importation, distribution, marketing, and sales.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Our partnerships are rooted in industry giants renowned for their unwavering dedication to quality assurance and consumer trust. A notable collaborator is Linear Chemicals S.L., an international powerhouse headquartered in Spain, serving as our ally for Laboratory Reagents and Instrumentation. From reputable sources spanning Asia and Europe, we acquire medical supplies and consumables.


Embracing the Philippines’ alignment with the ASEAN Harmonization of Standards and Technical Requirements Program through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we stand firm in our faith in manufacturers’ excellence. Among the esteemed CGMP-approved and DOH-recognized entities, our partners include JM Tolmann Inc. and AD Drugstel Pharmaceutical Laboratories Inc. Our pharmaceutical division encompasses both drug and food products, including pediatric multivitamins ALTAVIT PLUS, enriched with Taurine, Lysine, and Chlorella extract, and B-Complex MEDINERV FORTE. Our offerings cater to both OTC and prescription markets, available at select outlets nationwide.

Our dedication to core values—Quality, Affordability, and Innovation—is evident in the ever-expanding clientele we serve across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. As we progress alongside the industry, our commitment to clients remains unwavering, propelling us toward a heightened realm of healing fulfillment.

ALTAMEDICA. A name synonymous with trustworthy medical products.

199R Dicen Street Brgy. Bantod Lapaz, Iloilo, Philippines 5000